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OTT / IPTV Solution

Pranati Technologies offers a cutting-edge OTT / IPTV solution that enables service providers to deliver a superior user experience across all major platforms.

IPTV / OTT Platform Provides:

We provide a complete over-the-top middleware solution for delivering TV, VOD, catch-up, DVR and interactive services to customers on any IP network. In addition, you can manage your entire OTT platform from one location via our cloud or on-premise solution.

Multi-Screen Apps:
Our platform can reach any device, making our user base limitless. We can get your IPTV/OTT app on all major stores, including smart TV, to allow consumers to access the service anywhere. In addition, our clients can stream on any device.

Content Delivery Network:
We deliver your content worldwide with speed and quality through our global CDN network.

Ingest and Transcode:
With a flexible ingest and transcode platform, We can ingest content from any source and transcode it in any format.

Real-Time Analytics:
We help clients manage their subscriptions, billing, content, and devices by distributing content to any major platform.

We support multiple levels of content protection, including encryption and digital certificates.

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