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Mobile App Development

Mobile application development is the process of making software applications for mobile devices. They are usually written for Android or iOS, although other platforms exist.

At Pranati Technologies, our skilled team has worked on mobile application development projects for different platforms and operating systems. These include iPhone, Windows, Android, iPad, Tablet and custom apps.

Native Mobile App development

Native mobile apps can work without the Internet, making them the hot favourites of technical experts. Pranati Technologies offers a variety of solutions for mobile and tablets covering all industries. Our experts understand the need for native mobile apps and design custom processes for their development and deployment.

We provide the Prototyping and conceptualizing of Apps; we support third-party service integration and expert consultation on Domains. In addition, we provide powerful IDE tools.

Hybrid Mobile App Development:

Pranati Technologies specializes in developing cross-platform apps and seamlessly integrating technologies to provide our users with an interactive experience. We are the leading provider of hybrid mobile app development solutions in the industry, thanks to our team’s expertise and deep understanding of our customers’ diverse needs.

Our developers are tech-savvy, and they are good at designing Custom Hybrid Apps and mobile device frameworks. We also provide Hybrid App maintenance and support.

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