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Cyber Security

Your business needs a cyber resiliency strategy in the face of digital transformation and hyper-convergence. A cyber resiliency strategy can help you minimize risks and reduce the financial impact.

We at Pranati Technologies follow best practices and state-of-the-art technologies to defend against cyber risks. We protect your business-critical applications and data and help accelerate recovery from a data breach or similar disruption.

Our services include:

  • Air-gapped protection of platform configurations and application data
  • Immutable storage of data
  • Anomaly detection helps identify and prevent a possible cyberattack

Our specialized services help you detect and recover from site-level events with ease. We also provide a secure environment for your data and automated and air-gapped solutions for faster detection and recovery.
We follow several steps to improve security against cyber-attacks by:

  • Encrypting and taking up your data backup
  • Educate staff on cyber security
  • Create a security-focused workplace culture
  • Conduct regular audits
  • Secure sensitive data first
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