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Domain Registration

What is Domain Registration?

Your most valuable asset on the Internet is your domain name. It’s more important than your logo or even your company’s mission statement.

A domain name is a URL associated with a specific website, and Pranati technologies offer you some great options when making your own. The perfect domain name can help make your site more memorable, boost your search engine presence and attract new customers to your business.

Why Choose Us?

Pranati Technologies provides all of the services you need to build a professional online presence. Register your domain name with us and reap the benefits of our seamless integration with your website.

You can choose from a wide range of extensions available to register your website, including .com, .info, .us, and many more.
We offer some of the most affordable hosting packages in the industry, backed by outstanding 24/7 support.
Our extensive knowledge base will teach you how to set up your website.

Benefits of having your Domain:

Website achieve maximum visibility:

We make it easy for your visitors to find you! A website address or domain name provides a clean, user-friendly, and convenient option for customers to access your website. It’s also easy to remember and looks great on a business card!

Increase your visibility on search engines:

At Pranati Technologies, we register using keyword-rich domain names and help to improve your search engine optimization.

Personalized Email Address:

To make yourself look more professional, we help register your Domain with [email protected] as your email address. In this way, it will be easy to remember and share your website with others.

Protect your Identity:

Pranati Technologies can register a domain for you today, even if you’re planning to build your website in the future.

Right Keywords:

If you are having trouble finding suitable keywords for your website, we will help you find the best keywords related to your web page. Our experts will see that you get the perfect domain name that everyone can remember.

What do we offer?

100% Domain Security

Pranati Technologies offers private domain registration, which means that only Pranati can access your personal information. You will not receive a commercial email, which means more privacy and less spam in your inbox.

All-time support 24/7:

Our support team is always happy to help you with your questions. Feel free to contact us with your questions by live chat or email and browse through our extensive library of articles and video tutorials that can answer any of your concerns.

Our Services:

Domain Management:

Pranati technologies take care of domain management, giving you unlimited DNS records, website location, email accounts, sub-domains, aliases, FTP accounts, etc.

Forwarding Your Domain:

Automatically forward people to any website you want when they type your domain name in a browser.

Control Panel:

With our feature-rich customer portal, you can quickly manage your domain name and other products.

Theft Protection:

To prevent your domain name from being transferred without your permission, we will lock your domain name.

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