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Digital Marketing Services

As a company that provides digital marketing services, we must educate business clients and share some knowledge. We want to take your business to the next level by implementing proven online marketing services.

The digital marketing field integrates several marketing methods. Including SEO, SEM, SMM content marketing, and email marketing. We can use digital channels such as search engines and social media sites to find and connect with new customers. At the same time, email and other websites provide a means for businesses to communicate with current customers and grow their base.

We at Pranati provide the best digital marketing services professionally. We help your business to survive online through our proven online marketing strategies.

Our team follows a rigorous plan and step-by-step process while dealing with clients. Moreover, we can identify which kind of technique suits your business best. We will work with you to know your choices and identify which techniques will work best for your business.

Our Digital Marketing Services include:

SEO Services:

SEO techniques help websites rank highly in Internet searches. We at Pranati use organic SEO strategies to increase the search engine rankings of clients’ websites. It allows our client sites to be found by more visitors and potential customers.

Our team follows the Google Webmaster Guidelines, and we will be happy to explain our process in detail. We will also tell you how long this takes, what techniques we use, and give you a report on results each month.

SEM Services:

Pay Per Click is a well-known Search Engine Marketing technique used to generate instant leads. It is an effective, cost-efficient way of generating leads for businesses.

We implement SEM to gain instant leads from potential customers. Since this technique brings quick results and is effective. We apply it professionally to provide unparalleled Digital Marketing for your business.

SMM Services:

SMM is an internet marketing strategy that uses social media apps to reach and influence customers. Social media apps allow companies to connect with their audiences. It helps to build brands, increase sales, drive traffic, and inform potential customers.

Our main goal at Pranati Technologies is to improve communication. we help to increase brand visibility and reach more potential customers using social networks. Networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Offering helpful content and responding to users are essential parts of SMM.

Website Designing:

We at Pranati Technologies design and builds attractive, informative websites for our clients’ businesses. Our team captures special images and videos of your company’s products and services. we upload them to your website, and ensure that your site’s navigation is smooth.

We are known for designing Responsive websites, Static websites, Dynamic websites, E-commerce sites, CMS and API Integration. Our company follows a structure when we provide services to clients. We first determine the client’s requirements, then plan how we will fulfill those requirements, and finally design, develop and roll out the service as needed.

Promotions & Branding:

Marketing comes after designing. Design must be attractive enough to draw consumers’ attention and make them crave the product. A good design will attract customers even before you start marketing.

At Pranati Technologies, we design logos, images, brand icons, brochures, and more for businesses. We focus on creating effective marketing solutions for various business categories.

Content Marketing:

All digital marketing experts agree that content inspires business. Content is necessary for any campaign; without it, SEO, SMM, SEM, and Email Marketing will fail.

We believe content marketing is a revolutionary technique that can provide a high ranking on search engines. Our content marketing team can prepare text, audio, video, image, and infographic content for clients in a creative way.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an influential form of advertising. It is where businesses communicate with their customers using email.

Pranati Technologies delivers new-age Digital Marketing Services that spread your brand awareness in a magnified manner. We prepare promotional materials such as special offers, coupons, discounts, etc., to advertise your products.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is having a great effect on brand awareness. One image or one video can be as effective as 1,000 words. No matter how large our company’s vision, we can embed it in a few seconds’ worths of video.

Video marketing and video advertising are new dimensions in our services. We create videos to promote your business using animation and live-action. These videos help you boost your business with more exposure and better reach.

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